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Discover what real homemade

Mexico fare should taste like…

Fantasticós Mexican Food!

Sabroso! (that’s delicious)


The fun and dedicated family behind Fantasticós Mexican Food found a warm home in Cave Creek, Ariz., where it now creates mouth-watering homemade food with love and passion. The Rodriguez’s: Noe, Lorena, Lindsay, Ruby, Noah, Naomy, Amaryllis and Adilene begin at the break of day preparing amazing meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, special events and catering.


The restaurant receives rave reviews daily and already has built the commitment and support of its very loyal customers. The Rodriguez family has been in the restaurant business for more than 30 decades, owning and managing restaurants in California, Idaho, Utah and Arizona; the business also owns a Fantasticós Mexican Food in Sun Lakes, Ariz. The children, like the company’s owners, have grown up in the business.

Fantasticós’ message to customers:

“Everyone in our family cooks and has learned customer service from a very young age. The best thing about our business is the family feel. While we put our most finest creative ideas and energies into every meal, it makes us happy when customers say they really enjoy the wonderful family atmosphere when dining here.”

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